Off Road – 4x4 Routes

An unexplored corner of Greece and Europe, famous for the beauty of its nature. In an eco system where man and nature are perfectly combined.

In the mountains of Drama, you have a unique chance to come close to nature through off road routes that will take you to the forest of Simyda, Falakro, Menoiko and of course the virgin forest of Elatia.

Snow activities

Fun and adventure on the mountains

A high mountain, a big ski center, Falakro, is the ideal destination for all. The chance to enjoy snow, from snow fights to skiing on its endless slopes. The ski center of Falakros guarantees the perfect experience and a lot of fun and games in the snow with snowmobiles, sledges and other games that our young and old friends will never forget.

For those of you who are not fans of snow but prefer something hot to drink we suggest you enjoy it in the highest chalet in Greece at 2,200m, practically touching the clouds

Outdoor activities

With the village of Volakas and the Aloni Hotel &Spa as starting points, the mountains of the Rodopi mountain range, the pathway E6 and many more are the ideal destination for the fans of alternative tourism.

It is the most suitable place for trekking, biking, mountain bike and for those who are more adventurous climbing, paragliding, canoe and kayak for beginners and experienced athletes.

Moreover, the prefecture of Drama is the ideal destination for rare species watching.

Points of interest


The Municipal Garden and the Eleftherias Square of Drama are transformed into an “Oniroupoli” (dream city), a real Santa clause’s village as it is imagined by millions of children around the world. Every year we have bigger and bigger plans. With many activities for children, concerts and happenings.

“Oniroupoli” opens its doors on December 3rd and until Epiphany it promises to create unforgettable images and experiences. Come and live the fairytale with us!!

Spilea (Caves)

The Aggitis cave is the largest river cave in the world (21km long) and is located in Prosotsani in the prefecture of Drama. What makes it unique is the fact that the river Aggitis flows on its floor. The rich decoration includes huge stalactites. Visitors can walk 500m in the cave while its total length exceeds 21km. The river goes out through the mountain. In the underground river of the cave come the waters of the basin of Kato Nevrokopi.

Winemaking & Gastronomy

The area of Drama, as many scattered archaeological findings prove, was in ancient times an endless vineyard, a fact that justifies the worship of god Dionysus in many places in the plain and in the town of drama itself.

Some impressive nearby wineries in Drama, Doxato, Nikiforo and Prosotsani can be visited and will satisfy the demands of visitors interested in wine tourism in Drama.

Oenophiles who are on holiday in Drama will have the chance to get to taste the wines produced in modern vineyards of Drama.

Falakro Ski Center

Ski, snowboard – cross country ski, free style ski on untouched slopes

The Falakros ski center is ideal for professional skiers/snowboarders and beginners. We promise you that you will enjoy skiing in the various and endless pistes in the middle of the mountain in a snow covered setting. The ski center of Falakro is the perfect destination for families.

Explore Falakro, explore its winter side and let your spirit fly!

The season at Falakro starts in early December and extends to the end of April.

History & culture

Museums and Archaeological Sites

The archaeological findings in the wider region of Drama are many and impressive. The history of the town starts in the Paleolithic era.

Historic monuments are found scattered in the region and you have the chance to visit and admire them like the Archaeological Museum of Drama, the Archaeological site of Philipi, the Sanctuary of Dionysus and the recent discovery of Ampfipolis.

Short film Festival of Drama

The Festival of Drama has been established in the hearts of filmmakers and industry professionals as well as the public as the place that will showcase and promote short films, as the place where they will present all those films that will form or complete in the future an important part of our civilization.

Local Customs

 Age old customs and traditions come to life in the prefecture of Drama both during Epiphany and throughout the year. Many areas of Drama are full of life because of the unique customs and events that take place all year round.

In Volakas, Kali Vrysi, Petrousa, Monastiraki and other villages around drama you will see some popular customs, mostly Dionysian in character.

Metaxa-Lisse Forts

One of the Forts, the Lisse Fort was constructed in the hill that rises in the valley of Nevrokopi and is situated to the east of the village of Ohyro.

Fortification consists of four groups of tunnels (Tortoises) with underground tunnels more than 950m in total. Two of these tunnel complexes are connected with underground passages while the other two are independent defense installations.

Destination Drama


  • Αξίζει να δείτε
  • Χιονοδρομικό κέντρο Φαλακρό
  • Εμπειρίες
  • Εναλλακτικός Τουρισμός
  • Ιστορία & πολιτισμός
  • Φωτογραφίες 

  • Βώλακας 
  • Περιβάλλον
  • Εκδρομές
  • Ονειρούπολη
  • Σπήλαια
  • Οινοποιία – Γαστρονομία 

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