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Football teams (PANTHRAKIKOS PAE 2015-2016, PAE TRIKALA 2016, PAE ACHARNAIKOS 2014-2015, DOXA DRAMAS-PAE DOXA DRAMAS, PANATHINAIKOS K17 FOOTBALL ACADEMY, PRIVATE ACADEMIES PAOK KAVALA 2015-2016, APS TAP ZAKYNTHOS, AS KALABAKIOU, PAOK FC WOMAN etc) Basket Academies (ASTERAS PLAGIARIOU), TAE KWON DO Associations and others have chosen our Hotels and the Volakas Sports Center in the Prefecture of Drama to have an integrated preparation of their team.


The ideal destination for the training of your team!!

The village of Volakas is situated in the prefecture of Drama, at an altitude of more than 900m, on Falakro Mountain. The ideal conditions have been created here so that a team can find the perfect climate conditions in the summer for a proper training and preparation.

At the Volakas sports center at a distance of 500m from the hotel there are:

At the Volakas sports center at a distance of 500m from the hotel there are:
  1. A training football field which is lit by floodlights

1.1 an auxiliary football field next to the main field

  1. Fully equipped indoor gym

2.1 Teams changing rooms

2.2 Coaches changing rooms

2.3 Gym with a full range of workout equipment

  1. and of course Falakro Mountain for jogging and trekking

At the “Aloni tou kyr Thanasi” hotel we provide:

At the “Aloni tou kyr Thanasi” hotel we provide:
  1. 100m2 restaurant
  2. 100m2 café-bar
  3. special executive meeting room – team meeting room
  4. clothes storage room and laundry-tumble dry room
  5. players’ recovery at 9⁰C

Jacuzzi, sauna and massage treatment

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You can choose, depending on the needs and requirements of your team, one of our preparation packages or you can make your own preparation package. We will be happy to answer you and provide you with all the necessary information regarding our hotel and our area.

The teams who have chosen the “Aloni tou kyr Thanasi” hotel


They wrote…

The basic stage of our summer training in view of the 2016-2017 season will take place for the second consecutive year in the hospitable village of Volakas in Drama. Our team will stay at the “Aloni tou kyr Thanasi” hotel from August 4th to 12th.



They wrote….

At the Volakas sports center, situated in Drama, and in particular at the “Aloni tou kyr Thanasi” hotel we will have the basic stage of the preparation of Acharnaikos as the “greens” executives and Giorgos Vazakas deemed it would be the best possible solution in order to “build” the team for the 2014-2015 season. The team of Menidi will travel to the sports center in question on July 27th and will remain in the region of Drama until August 9.


They wrote….

“After 12 days in Volakas in Drama we concluded the basic training stage of AO Trikala team. The players worked hard to improve their physical condition and we were completely satisfied both with the sports facilities and the weather conditions and of course with the service of the staff of Aloni Hotel & Spa”



The historic local team of our town has been making the basic stage of its preparation here in Volakas in Drama and in particular in the sports center.

They are always happy to stay here in the area and lay the foundations for a successful season.


They wrote….

The place is wonderful, the hotel (Aloni tou kyr Thanasi) where the team stays is made with great passion by its owners and it is ideal for the preparation of a football team and not only that, the coaching team had only good things to say about the hospitality.


Panathinaikos U17 Academy

They wrote….

The U17 of Panathinaikos will find themselves in Drama for 10 days. The “Greens” will travel to Volakas in Drama and in particular to the hotel “Aloni tou kyr Thanasi” for the main stage of their preparation.

The team will consist of 26 players while coaches Tarasis, Fratzeskos, yianyianin and Mavroudis will be with them.


TAE KWON DO Academies choose the Aloni Hotel &Spa and the Volakas sports center in Drama to prepare for the Pan Hellenic and Pan European, among others, games.

The facilities meet all the athletes’ needs for their proper training.


The “Asteras Plagiariou” Basket academyis the first basket academy to choose Volakas sports center and the “Aloni tou kyr Thanasi” hotel.

They left completely satisfied and renewed their appointment for 2017.

PAOK Mundialito Academy

They wrote about us….

“The three teams of the PAOK mundialito Academy have been since Monday afternoon in the Volakas training center for a four-day preparation. The U16, U14 AND U12 with their coaches Alexis Dimou and Apostolos Kehagias are accompanied by the President of the Academy Kosta Kastranis”


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